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We strive to offer children a positive and nurturing environment where they excel in developmental skills through beginning tumbling and/or dance. It is our goal to bring these opportunities to every child. We will work directly with your daycare or afterschool program to provide our comprehensive classes in the convenience of your location. We pride ourselves on having effective and encouraging instruction, as well as tasteful and age appropriate costumes, music, and choreography.

Classes Offered

Ballet/Tap:   A 15 minute warm-up/stretch and a 45-minute class.  This class teaches the fundamentals of tap and ballet. Students will begin with tap and finish with ballet.

Tumbling:  A 15 minute warm-up/stretch and a 45-minute class. This class teaches the basics of floor tumbling including forward rolls, back bends, back walk-overs and cartwheels.

Jazz/Hip-Hop:  A 15 minute warm-up/stretch and a 45-minute class. This class combines the upbeat dancing style of hip-hop with the technique of jazz. All music selections and dance moves are age appropriate. 

Each session will last for the semester (fall, spring, summer). At the conclusion of each session, each class will have a fun kid theme recital (dance) or a parent presentation(tumbling). 

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